A delivery marked by contrast (patient testimonial)

A patient has agreed to talk about her experiences during the delivery of her first child, from the moment she was admitted to the hospital right up until her daughter was born. The first part of Jehanne’s delivery was problematic because her care team was very uncommunicative. They did not bother to introduce themselves, ask her name or find out how much pain she was in. At no point did she feel like the team really cared about her, which made her feel anxious and uncomfortable. The situation improved when a new team was brought in: Her new care team listened to her needs, took care to introduce themselves and asked her name. She felt supported by the new team, which was also the team that delivered her baby. Now, Jehanne is the proud mom of a little girl called Emma.  
Jehanne’s story ties in with research findings that have highlighted the importance of the patient-caregiver relationship and demonstrated that communication and mutual respect form the basis for quality care and safety.

Date de parution : 06/2017

Thème : Childbirth

Mots clés : storytelling of a patient, communication

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