Overwork and patient safety

After her mother had been operated on, Astrid went to visit her in the hospital. She agreed to share her experiences of her visit, revealing the nurse's failure to communicate, as she did not even bother to introduce herself or check what the patient's name was before treating her. The nurse gave Astrid's mother some medicine and left. A few minutes later, she returned to the room to say she had administered the wrong medication. Astrid's mother is severely allergic to penicillin, and so she started  to panic and get very upset. Chaos reigned for a moment before it became clear that the right medication had been administered after all. The nurse, looking rather confused, went on her way again after briefly pausing to explain she was very tired because it had been so busy in her department for days on end. An analysis using the ALARM grid highlighted various areas to think about in the form of patient involvement, identity monitoring , work planning and the patient's record.

Date de parution : 12/2018

Thème : Medication

Mots clés : storytelling of a patient, Patient identification, work overload

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