When the patient is not the only victim

Following a medical error that caused the death of a patient, the victim's family decided to lodge a complaint against the hospital and the junior doctor involved. The doctor, completely devastated by the incident and questioning his own medical ability, requested a period of leave. This is known as the 'second victim phenomenon', and everyone involved in the treatment and care of patients is likely to experience it at some time or other. Aside from the psychological impact on healthcare professionals, the second victim phenomenon has implications for patient safety. Clearly, therefore, healthcare institutions must ensure that supporting professionals following an adverse event becomes a core part of staff management and that such support is integrated into clinical risk management. Several strategies for dealing with this phenomenon have been described in the literature, including a positive error culture, support structures, staff training, and disclosure.

Date de parution : 09/2020

Thème : Seconde victime

Mots clés : Seconde victime, Culture positive, Divulgation

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