Purple Book


Just over five years ago, PAQS was founded. The context was then very clear: accreditation. Many hospitals, perhaps all of them, considered starting an accreditation process. PAQS was then essential to inform, raise awareness and support in this reflexion. In the course of the meetings and projects it has gradually become clear that PAQS had to focus on quality improvement; Because of the complexity of the health care system and the resulting risks. This evolution was evident in the PAQS program 2017-2019, of which the main project "5 years to save lives" is based on the WHO's Patient safety solutions. Throughout the world, we are also seeing a global movement that wants to raise awareness about the urgent health safety situation that is underlined in the literature and being discussed at many international conventions. This urgency is also described in detail in a report from March 2017, which defines a hard reality: in OECD countries, on average, an adverse event will occur for 10% of hospital admissions. In Belgium, this means that every year tens of thousands, or even hundreds of thousands, of patients are concerned, many of whom will eventually die. 

With the regional elections of May 2019 and the increasing responsibility of the regions for quality and safety issues thanks to the various state reforms, the Board of directors of PAQS wanted to convey a clear message about this situation, and the need to take action. Especially to the politics for them to launch, support and implement a global movement in order to have an impact on the current situation. The Purple book aims to propose to the following regional ministers a "Regional Strategy for the Improvement of Patient Safety".


Based on the Advisor Board's decision in June 2017, the elaboration of the purple book with the translation of the OECD research from 2016, which covers the most efficient interventions to improve patient safety, began. This research was distributed to many professional associations and organizations at the end of 2017, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of 42 interventions for the improvement of patient safety. Subsequently, two workshops with the representatives of these organizations could identify the five major action areas of the purple book, which were then presented to the sector on 14 June 2018.

As planned, at the end of 2018, an online consultation of the sector was held on these major areas of action. It was the opportunity for many professionals to react to the areas and propose concrete actions for each of them. After all, those professionals are in the ideal position to identify the existing problems and the best ways to solve them. After the consultation (March 2019), new workshops were organized to analyze the proposals and to and identify strategic actions based on priority areas needed to significantly improve patient safety.

At the PAQS congress held on 3 October 2019 in Brussels, the work of the Purple Book was presented in an international context and the presence of well-known speakers allowed us to compare our results with their expertise. Finally, members of the PAQS International Advisory Committee were consulted on the identified strategic actions.

At the end of December 2019, the PAQS Advisor Board approved the Purple Book. It will now be presented to the relevant regional authorities in order to be operationalized. The Purple Book will be communicated to the entire sector after meetings with regional ministers.

Together for health care improvement. Together for patient safety. Together to save lives!

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